Stop Greenwashing

The practice of “greenwashing” is rampant.  What is “greenwashing”?  Add a new action verb to your lexicon: green-wash (green’wash’, -wôsh’) – verb: the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service.  For example, of the three popular brands, Clorox GreenWorks, Purex Natural Elements, and Sunlight Green Clean, both Purex and Sunlight’s products were found to contain petrochemicals despite their ‘green’ claims.

If you believe that you have been greenwashed by a company engaging in misleading environmental marketing practices, send a letter to that company, asking them to stop GREENWASHING.

The example below is meant to serve as a template for your own letter or e-Mail.  Research the corporate office address to send a letter.  Letter’s are more effective than e-Mails.

Subject: I’ve been greenwashed

To: _________

I recently noticed that your product _________ committed one of the Sins of Greenwashing ( Your product commits the Sin of _________ by _________.

Your greenwashing practices are misleading consumers about the environmental benefits of your products.

I am writing to ask your company to stop greenwashing. Be honest about the environmental claims on your products. Provide proof and specific information of the claims you are making; don’t focus on one environmental impact of a product when there are others that are just as important; don’t make green claims when the product itself has no discernible environmental benefits.

I will not buy products that greenwash. Please stop your greenwashing.

[your name and signature]

Letters to Aussie MPs - No Clean Feed Please.
Letters to Aussie MPs – No Clean Feed Please. (Photo credit: kattekrab)

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For more information, go to–  If you’ve seen an ad promoting the environmental qualities of a product or company, post it at  Rate it, then come back to see what other users say. While at it, view and rate other ads, too.

For additional information information:

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