Stop the Monsanto Protection Act!


The U.S. Senate kills the Monsanto Protection Act….too early….has to become law first.

In a major victory brought upon by serious activism and public outrage, new legislation changes will shut down the Monsanto Protection Act rider that granted Monsanto protection from legal action and was set to renew on September 30th.


CAVEAT:  Since the spending bill has not been approved, there is a lot of slip between the cup and the lip.  They–Monsanto, lobbyist, and Congressional staffer–can slip it back in!  (10/3/13)

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Action please before it is too late!

Click here:

Let Congress know you are against more corporate protection at the expense of citizens’ health!

Photo credit: FCK MONSANTO)

The Monsanto Protection Act is an outrage. It allows big agricultural and biotech corporations to ignore food safety regulations and sell genetically engineered foods even after a court order to stop.

The good news? The Monsanto Protection Act expires on September 30.

The bad news? Some in Congress want to extend the Monsanto Protection Act as part of the must-pass budget bill that will keep our government operating past September 30.

The Monsanto Protection Act was written anonymously and in secret – and prevents courts from doing their jobs. For Americans concerned about health and environmental damage, it leaves no legal recourse.

We have to act now to stop big special interests from running roughshod over our democracy.

Join Sen. Jeff Merkley, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, and the Daily Kos community. Tell Congress to stop the Monsanto Protection Act.


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