A School Fragrance-Free Policy


The American Lung Association has developed a Sample Fragrance-Free School Policy for use by parents and school administrators who are concerned about the health and welfare of our children.


English: KIS International School Students

The academic success of a student can be directly linked to his or her health. For this reason, it is
imperative that [SCHOOL DISTRICT] insures the wellbeing and safety of all its students to
support a positive learning environment. In order to create a safer learning environment for
students as well as a safer work environment for staff, [SCHOOL DISTRICT] intends to protect
the indoor and outdoor air quality of its campuses. Strong scents and fragrances can contribute to
poor indoor air quality that can be unhealthy to all students and school staff.
There are many people who experience unpleasant physical effects from scented products and a
growing number of people who suffer more severe reactions to these types of products and
chemicals. This condition is known as multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and involves people
who have developed an acute sensitivity to various chemicals in the environment. People with
MCS experience a range of debilitating physical reactions, some even life-threatening, to
chemicals used in a variety of scented materials, including fragrances and chemical products.
When scented products have been suspected to adversely affecting a person’s health, some or
all of the following symptoms are reported:

• Headaches
• Nausea
• Weakness
• Malaise
• Loss of Appetite
• Upper respiratory symptoms
• Difficulty with concentration
• Numbness
• Shortness of breath
• Skin Irritation

Allergic and asthmatic patients, as well as those with other conditions, report that certain odors, 
even in the smallest amounts, can trigger an episode. Some people may report mild irritation
while others are incapacitated and/or must give up many ‘normal’ activities in order to avoid
exposure (such as going to public places).
All teachers, students, and staff members are asked not to bring cleaning products, deodorizers
or other personal care products into the classroom unless they are identified as fragrance-free. In
addition, cleaning products with strong scents will only be used during off-peak school hours.
Students, parents, and staff will be notified if strong scented cleaning materials will be used on
the campus. If a student or employee is affected by a specific scent, we ask that school staff
eliminate the cause of the offensive odor.
Under this policy, the [SCHOOL DISTRICT] also requests that all students and staff refrain from
wearing perfume, cologne and other fragrances, and use unscented personal care products in
order to promote a fragrance-free environment. This request is included in notices and on
displayed signage throughout school buildings. Fragrance products can include: hand sanitizers,
cologne, perfume, scented lotions, hair products, candles, air fresheners, plug-ins, [ADDITIONAL
ITEMS THAT SCHOOL IDENTIFIES], just to name a few.

2 thoughts on “A School Fragrance-Free Policy”

  1. What do u do when a teacher refuses tocunplug them, even tho my child’s allergist sends notes they are affecting my kids asthma and she has asked they be removed because its hurting her????

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