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To begin with, keep GMO products  out of your diet is the first step to avoid experiencing their effects.  Since GMOs is difficult to avoid, detoxing is another route to take.

From the NATURAL, Elizabeth Renter reports on four simple ways to potentially detox GMOs from your body:

simely detoxes

1. Probiotics and Fermented Foods

One of the best ways to ensure your body is eliminating those things which it has no use for (heavy metals, GM-toxins, and food additives) is through a high-fiber diet. This is achieved by eating plenty of plant foods but also by occasionally detoxing with something like psyllium husk.

Psyllium husk creates a sort of gel that, when consumed with plenty of water, will flush out the digestive tract, essentially taking all lingering toxins along. You can find organic psyllium husk at most health food stores or online.

2. Consume Probiotics and Fermented Foods

Your digestive system should be well-equipped for dealing with foreign invaders like GMOs and other toxins. When you eat fermented foods and consume probiotics, you create a healthy bacterial balance, ensuring your “gut bacteria” is able to break down and eliminate harmful substances in your diet. Consuming probiotics will also help your body to detox the Bt-toxin found in GMO crops.

3. Organic Sulfur

Jonathan Benson at NaturalNews suggests organic sulfur as a must-have for detoxing the liver. He calls this substance, also known as methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), “a critical component in detoxification, energy production, cell oxygenation, and immune capacity.” While it used to be found throughout the food supply, it has fallen by the wayside with “advances” in agriculture. Now, you can find organic, lignin-based sulfur crystals to help make up for the loss.

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4. Other Detoxifying Herbs

Other herbs that can help ensure GM foods don’t wreak havoc on your health are cascara sagrada and wild burdock root. Cascara sagrada is a cleansing herb, one that has been used for ages among indigenous people. It will clean out your digestive system and ensure healthy elimination. Wild burdock root also has cleansing properties, but works in a different manner. It is a diuretic and is considered a blood-cleanser.

Avoiding genetically modified foods should be your first line of defense. But creating a healthy body to fight those that do get in is important too. Regular cleansing and detoxification will help you avoid the negative effects of these and other modern food additives.
While detoxing, there are other considerations:  some side effects when detoxing.


There are several things you can do to reduce the negative feelings associated with detoxing.  Renter further advises:  

Reducing Detox Side Effects and Lessening a Healing Crisis 
1.  Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is perhaps the most important tip for minimizing detox side effects during any detoxification protocol or fast. Fresh juices, green tea, or plain, filtered water should be your best friends. Flushing out the toxins is priority number one when detoxing and you can only do this when you are sufficiently hydrated. Because you may be taking something to help rid yourself of these toxins (ie. expelling more waste than usual), rehydration is particularly important.

2. Shift into the Detox, Altering Your Diet Before Beginning

Ease into your detox. If you are used to several cups of coffee in the morning and fast food for lunch, your body won’t know how to react to a complete elimination of these things. Wean yourself off of caffeine and processed foods as you go into your detox. This can reduce the occurrence of headaches and other withdrawal symptoms.

3. Get Plenty of Rest

While detoxing, be sure to get plenty of rest and to not over-exert yourself. As your body is adjusting to the change, it’s not the time to be running all over the place, engaging in strenuous activity, or keeping your stress level on high. Take the time to cleanse your mind while you’re cleansing your body. Get plenty of sleep, rest, and use meditation or other relaxation techniques.

4. Consume Deep-Colored Vegetables and Certain Fruit

While some people equate a detox with a fast, the two aren’t synonymous. Unless you are fasting, you may need to eat more to relieve some of your symptoms. Remember, however, to stick with detoxing foods like fresh fruit, leafy green vegetables, and seeds. Cilantro, parsley, alfalfa, and a blue-green algae, chlorella, are three extremely powerful chemical and heavy metal chelators. Dark green vegetables and herbs alkalize and purify the blood, making it easier for the body to rid itself of wastes with less discomfort or “healing crisis”.

In addition to these suggestions, look into herbal healing. Ginger tea, for example can calm an upset stomach while rosemary can be good for headaches.

Your body has had a lot of time to accumulate these toxins-ridding yourself of them won’t necessarily be painless. But, when the detox is over, you will reap the many benefits of a healthier, toxin-free body.

For actually how to detox, check out this article outlining 4 ways on how to cleanse your body, or simply search the site with the keyword “detox”.

Tea Time
Tea Time (Photo credit: Maia C)


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      Tea Bag Teas

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    My Tea collection
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