Ban Fragrance-emitting Products at Veterinary Clinics


Ban Fragrances at Veterinary Clinics

AHVMA, AAHA, VCA Antech, GVMA, AVMA: Ban fragrance emitting products at Veterinary Clinics

Petition by Leah Spitzer of Buford, GA.

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Please ban fragrance emitting devices from veterinary clinics.  There are many people with disabilities that are severely affected by fragrance emitting products. Per theCDC Fragrance-Free Policy these include:

•Incense, candles, or reed diffusers

• Fragrance-emitting devices of any kind

• Wall-mounted devices, similar to fragrance-emitting devices, that operate automatically or by pushing a button to dispense deodorizers or disinfectants

• Potpourri

• Plug-in or spray air fresheners

• Urinal or toilet blocks

• Other fragranced deodorizer/re-odorizer products

Under Title III of the Americans for Disabilities Act, we are requesting that you strongly recommend as a standard of practice the immediate cessation of the use of candles, fragrance diffusers, fragrance plug ins, essential oils and other fragrance-emitting devices at veterinary clinics and veterinary emergency clinics.

These methods for covering up odors are extremely harmful to people with asthma, allergies, COPD, Chemical Sensitivities, chronic migraines and even some fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome patients. These fragrance-emitting devices at veterinary clinics make it very difficult, if not impossible for those of us with disabilities to access veterinary care for our pets.

Facilities that do NOT use these products are becoming fewer and farther between – leaving us in a position of choosing between our own health and the health of our pets. Some of us must travel great distances to find a clinic that we can tolerate. This is especially disconcerting with emergency clinics, where travel time could mean the difference between life and death.

It’s a horrible choice to have to make, and in many cases, we are banished to wait outside while our beloved pets are taken in for treatment without us. This can be counter productive to the pet’s care as important information can be missed when the owner cannot be available to be questioned.

We are asking for the same dignity as other clients and the right to be present, to provide valuable, detailed information, and to comfort our beloved pets in their time of need and most of all, to be able to hold them if it is time for them to leave this earth.

There are many reasonable options for odor management including HEPA, ozone or ultraviolet air handlers (aka air purifiers, air filters, air cleaners), open windows, exhaust fans and, in a last resort, temporary aerosols. While aerosols ARE NOT SAFE for the aforementioned group, they dissipate quickly. Candles, diffusers and plug ins do not, Rather, they build up in the air, the ventilation system, the walls and the furniture making it intolerable for people with respiratory, immune system or chemical disabilities even if those items are not in immediate use.

We appreciate your consideration in this matter. We love our pets dearly and simply want to be able to be with them during veterinary care, emergency veterinary care, and final care.

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