Oven Cleaning without Toxins

Somewhere in the creation of our modern mythology, around the 1950s, Americans were convinced through “MAD MEN” ads that chemicals are a prerequisite for our sense of cleanliness.  Consequently, we tolerate the numerous toxic chemicals and additives found in many household products in the name of safety in cleanliness.

Do you know of anyone who suffers from respiratory distress?  If you are the primary household cleaner, is it you?  Do you recognize the symptoms?

Be safe, protect your lungs, work a little harder.  It will pay off in lower medical costs or none at all.

To avoid wisely the respiratory issues you or others may experience in the household, use the following simple product, dedicate some time and old-fashioned elbow grease, avoid the toxins and enjoy a safe, clean oven.

(Photo credit: lore)


This process is best started a few hours before going to bed at night.

  1. Use a steel wool or plastic scrubber for cleaning the shelves and broiler pan; baking soda, a spray bottle filled with water.
  2. Make sure the oven is completely cool.
  3. Remove the shelves and the broiler pan.  Scrub them well, place them in the dishwasher on “heavy” cycle or clean by hand in your sink.
  4. Scrape off any visible food remains or burned-on gunk with a knife or metal spatula.
  5. Sprinkle a solid layer of baking soda over the entire oven floor until it is about 1/4″ think.  A thick layer of baking soda will do the scrubbing for you.
  6. Repeat step “5” on the oven door which you can leave open.
  7. Spray water on the baking soda until it is thoroughly damp but not saturated and dripping.
  8. Wait 2-3 hours before spraying with water again to keep the baking soda wet.  This step may be necessary to repeat if the level of gunk is heavy.
  9. Retire for the night.
  10. In the morning, using a damp sponge or washcloth, gently scoop the baking soda as well as the burned-on food out of the oven.  Scrubbing should not be difficult since the baking soda should have interacted with the gunk to lift it off the surface.
  11. Wipe down the inside walls and back of oven.

Enjoy a clean oven free of toxic chemicals!  Moreover, you saved on electricity!

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