Tea, Lemons, and Peppermint

What do they have in common.  A good-tasting tea?  That’s not what I have in mind.  They offer unique uses.

bar mellow yellow

Ceylon Tea Leaves
Black Tea Leaves


It can be used to mop wood floors.  Cleaning hardwood floors with black tea, also known as grandma’s little secret, is an excellent trick to get floors squeaky clean. When it is brewed strong, the tannic acid in the tea will clean your floors and also will add an amazing shine to your hardwood floors. This method also is good if you would like to restore old wood by making it look newer.  (Source:  www.ehow.com)

  • Measure 1 quart of water into a tea kettle or sauce pan.  Heat the water on the stove until it beings to boil.
  • Remove the water from the stove and carefully pour into a large bowl.  Seep 2 black tea bags in the hot water for 3 minutes.
  • Remove and discard the tea bags.  Set the water aside until it cools to room temperature.
  • Soak the rag in the bowl of tea.  Holding the soaked rag over the bowl, writ it out until it is damp and not dripping.
  • Scrub the floor with the damp rag, working in small circular motions.  The floor should start looking cleaner with a subtle sheen where you have wiped.
  • Rince the cloth in clean water as it gets dirty.  Then repeat the previous steps until the entire floor is cleaned to your satisfaction.


lemons and siciliaThe juice of the lemon can serve as a deodorant with great success.  You can use a fresh lemon or a product similar to Sicilia but with precaution.  See note below.   If you believe the sulphur dioxide poses no problem, you can simply squirt a little of the lemon juice onto your index finger to apply to the area of your armpit where the lymph nodes reside.

There is another shot of lemon product that is organic:  Grateful Harvest.  The ingredients, thus safer, are water, organic lemon juice, citric acid, and lemon essential oil.

Here is how to use the lemon.  With half of the lemon, rub the armpit area.  Let the juice settle for about five minutes while you bathe, for example.  You can apply soap and water to remove the lemon juice.  As a causion, never apply lemon juice to abraded skin, especially if you shave under the hair from your armpits.  It will certainly sting!  The lemon ca

lymph node location

n be used for about a week when covered and stored in the refrigerator.

Another alternative is Milk of Magnesia.


Note:  Sicilia contains four ingredients:  lemon juice and oil, sulphur dioxide as a preservative.  However, when it comes to the sulfur, though it prevents discoloration, it can cause severe reactions, especially in asthmatics.  Do not use Sicilia if you think you may be sensitive because it has caused at least 12 known deaths and probably many more.e, avoid all forms of this additive, because it has caused at least twelve known deaths and probably many more.

Inhaling sulfur dioxide is associated with increased respiratory symptoms and disease, difficulty in breathing, and premature death. In 2008, the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists reduced the short-term exposure limit from 5 ppm to 0.25 ppm. The OSHA PEL is currently set at 5 ppm (13 mg/m3) time weighted average. NIOSH has set the IDLH at 100 ppm.  In addition, a 2011 systematic review concluded that exposure to sulfur dioxide is associated with preterm birth.

In the United States, the Center for Science in the Public Interest lists sulfur dioxide as one of two food preservatives considered as being safe for human consumption, except for certain individuals who may be sensitive to them, especially in large amounts.  The other preservative is sodium bisulfite.


English: A can of peppermint infusion. Deutsch...
English: A can of peppermint infusion. Deutsch: Eine Kanne Pfefferminztee von frischen Blättern. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peppermint essential oil wards off spiders.

I do not want to reinforce that the presence of a spider makes me very uneasy.  The thought that I “need to kill it” is equally unsettling.   Even when someone kills the spider for me, I still visualize where that spider was when it met its demise.

Luckily, essential oils come to the rescue.  Since spiders are repelled by peppermint, consider using peppermint oil to keep them at bay.

Simply fill a spray bottle with tap water and add 10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil. Give it a smell to make sure the water smells minty, if not add a few more drops. Then spray the peppermint water in the cracks and gaps where spiders can enter your home.

For an even more potent remedy, add one or two drops of peppermint oil onto a cotton bud and place in the areas where spiders enter.

The strong smell will send spiders scurrying in the other direction and away from your home.

spiders animation

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