Dr. L. Christine Oliver Speaks Frankly

English: Harvard Madical School Boston Magyar:...
English: Harvard Madical School Boston Magyar: Harvard Medical School Boston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Oliver is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Co-Director of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. Alison Johnson is the author/producer/director of books and documentaries on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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Sobering, the following video contains interviews with leading physicians and people whose lives have been changed by chemical sensitivity.

4 thoughts on “Dr. L. Christine Oliver Speaks Frankly”

  1. Thank you for this video. You have saved my life! I am looking for a doctor to help me in my struggle. If you know of someone near Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I would greatly appreciate the lead

  2. Is MCS responsive to medications like Dapsone, Doxipen, Omalizumab, Cyclosporine, any combinations there of, plasmapheresis, IGg therapy, LDA Therapy ( Low Dose Allergen Immunotherapy)? Especially if becoming antihistimine resistant, or at least during a flare. What is your experience with these treatments? Why have I found litle info on them in MCS online forums/articles. They are listed under Chronic Urticaria. Is there such a big difference?

    1. Virginia, thank you for your inquiry. I cannot respond to your question since I am not a partaker of those medications and therapies. If you are a member of FB, you may want to contact members of various MCS communities about these things. I am strictly an alternatives advocate at a personal level. There is no cure for MCS; there is only alleviation of symptoms because no one seems to want to get to the root of the problem in Western medicine. Non-exposure is difficult but the necessary route.

      If you are interested in Chinese/Tibetan Medicine, look into this for the hives. http://www.acupunctureforskin.com/articles-002.html

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