Julie and Snowflake

From the blog “Sight, Performance, and Environmental Change,” an excerpt on Julia Laffin–

There is no medicinal “map” by which MCS sufferers can orient themselves. Indeed, MCS remains a condition that medical authorities on both sides of the Atlantic still have trouble in recognising as an actual condition. Researchers can identify a group of symptoms—a syndrome—but they can’t identify with any confidence what causes it. And when somebody’s suffering cannot be explained, all too often we blame the victim — accusing them of neurotic, psychosomatic self-harm.


julia laffin

Well, I’m no a medical man, but I do know for sure that Julie Laffin is very far from being nuts. And it seems to me more than mere coincidence that so many people, from so many different countries and cultures, who do not know each other and have not been conferring, have come down with very similar conditions in the last twenty years or so.
And that during same period, the usage and diversity of synthetic chemicals in our everyday lives has continued to escalate exponentially.

We know now that the very gas we exhale—carbon dioxide—so innocuously “natural” by comparison—constitutes the single biggest threat to the future of life on this planet that we have ever faced. And yet we continue to treat as “normal” a landscape built of chemicals and concrete.

What if it turned out that people like Julie, far from being “interesting” curiosities, are candles in the wind — canaries in the coalmine?

Steve Buttons of performance footprint

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