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                                                                                                          A Brief Summary of this Blogger’s CFS Journey

Leo Tolstoy once wrote “If there are as many minds as there are men, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.” To extend this metaphor, “There are as many types of ME as there are ME patients.” I am fortunate enough not to have been affected with reduced dexterity in the hands. I can’t do vigorous movements however I am able to gently paint, draw, fold etc. I know of many ME patients who haven’t been granted this luxury. I am a great believer in making the most of what freedom you have, rather than dwelling upon what you are deprived of. This illness has robbed me of the ability to talk for any useful length of time, walk any meaningful distance and thrust upon me many other prohibitions. It has however granted me the use of my hands.


Hello and welcome to my ‘Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ blog. I am a 26 year old male who has suffered from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis for over 8 years. I live in Adelaide, Australia. This blog will focus on what I am trying to do to overcome this illness.

 During June of 2005, my first symptom emerged- coughing up mucus. This remained an isolated symptom until I began feeling increasingly fatigued during September 2005. I experienced reoccurring tonsillitis (four infections) from December 2005 until January 2006, which resulted in a tonsillectomy. Severe headaches then became prevalent in April 2006. I was diagnosed with ‘CFS’ in July 2006 and with ‘severe CFS’ during August 2008. Since the onset of my illness in June 2005, my health has steadily declined, almost uniformly. I now spend 23 hours a day in bed (the other 1 hour lying in a chair next to my bed) and struggle to leave my home without ‘crashing.’ I have over 40 symptoms and I haven’t been able to walk 100 metres since 2008, as this will also cause me to ‘crash.’ Prior to my illness, I was a healthy, middle and long distance runner, almost 18 and about to study astrophysics at university.

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