Linda Sepp | Seriously “Sensitive” to Pollution: Life with MCS/ES

My all-time favorite of dedicated MCSers in the biosphere is Linda Sepp who lives in Canada.  Her web site is full of thoughtful and considerate information about how to survive in the prevailing toxic world that is ours worldwide.

We had a Skype talk early this year, and it will be a memorable moment in my life.

Linda, may all sentient beings obtain the omniscient state of enlightenment and conquer the enemy of faults and delusion.  May all sentient beings be liberated from this coean of samsara and from its pounding waves of birth, old age, sickness, and death!

Linda Sepp’s web site is

English: Map of Canada
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thought on “Linda Sepp | Seriously “Sensitive” to Pollution: Life with MCS/ES”

  1. Totally agreed. Linda is one in a million.For me at eighty, diagnosed MCS 1974, she has been a constant mine of helpful support and information for me , and so many. Words like dedication, compassion, courage and wisdom do not go far enough to describe her and her long journey,

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