More Canaries Tell Their Story

white canaryStephanie’s story starts as follows and ends with answers to 13 most frequently asked questions:

“I have written this information to help my friends and family have a better understanding of the illness..that I am experiencing….For those of us with MCS, we are the ‘canaries in the mine.’  Those of us who call ourselves canaries are just the weakest link in the human chain.  We are the first to fall–the most susceptible…”

Susan did a documentary, HOMESICK, about living with MCS.

Susan started making Homesick in 1997 and was released in 2013.  It is increasingly relevant documentary that reports on  the physical and emotional experiences of people with MCS through personal portraits, bringing a human face to an often-unseen population. This serves to lessen their isolation and increase their acceptance in their communities and even in their own families, where they are often misunderstood or disbelieved.  To watch trailer:

Anonymous blogs about living and surviving with MCS.

“Ten years ago I was diagnosed with MCS and told my only hope would be to limit my exposure to everyday chemicals and toxins. Eventually I realized I needed to reinvent myself if I wanted to survive, be able to work, be independent, and stop feeling so sick I wanted to die. I’m writing this blog to share what I’ve learned and hopefully, the blog will find others who will share their ideas and insights so we may all continue to grow and survive in the new lifestyles we have been forced to create.”

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From a Yellow Canary of the 21st century, living in our disabling biosphere

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