Sherri’s Battle

Sherri battles Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Lyme Disease on a daily basis. She also lives with severe neurological reactions to chemicals that create synthetic fragrances. She is not alone, as the numbers of people reporting mild to severe reactions to these seems to be growing.

“Exposure to perfumes, colognes and other chemical fragrances can cause people living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (Chemical Injury, Environmental Illness, Toxic Encephalopathy) such debilitating symptoms as migraines, pain, vertigo, memory loss, brain damage and worsening of condition with each reaction. … Sadly, many with MCS often miss out on family gatherings, special events and even simple visits with friends and family, causing them to feel isolated and alone.” But I LOOK Good!


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From a Yellow Canary of the 21st century, living in our disabling biosphere

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