Notice to Service Providers

When a service provider is needed to service a repair or installation, that person comes out often laden with cologne, thinking that he (in most cases) will be found pleasing to the client.  Not!  Nowadays they come out smelling like the “freshness of Febreze.”  Again, not!

Plumber's van
Plumber’s van (Photo credit: Mundoo)

Action needs to be taken so that service providers become aware that there is a law that protects Americans with Disabilities (See ADA tab.)  They need to know that there is a population of over 50.2 million people who are sensitized to the chemicals products they bring on their bodies.

In addition to letting the scheduling person at the other end of the phone line when scheduling an appointment that your premises is A NO-FRAGRANCE ZONE, a sign would be helpful to put the service person on notice when he/she rings the doorbell.  It may be the only way to educate them.  It may not be smooth sailing at first, but it is worth an effort to educate and to protect oneself.

The sign below serves as a notice that you may want to use or edit in creating your own.


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