Herbs & Oils

Annie’s Remedy web site is a great source of information on essential oils and herbs, providng an herbal remedy finder template.

yellow flower

The herbs listed reflect some of the top herb searches on Annies Remedy for the last 30 days. As the weather turns colder or warmer, the essential herbs receive top priority. Whatever your interest in herbs, you can find something useful– they are listed  by common or botanical name.

The herb store is Mountain Rose Herbs where the company supports organic agriculture.    

Oil & Herbs and Esoteric Oils are another great source of listing herbs.

 Edens Garden, providing “100% auromatheraphy, is also a good source of products and information, including Young Living.

Then there is Aura CaciaBulk Apothecary, Stillpoint Aromatics, or Mountain Rose Herbs

Frontier Co-op provides herbs and much more–food, teas, spices, and more.  They even list endangered herbs they discourage you to purchase elsewhere.


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