Make Your Own Dryer Sheets/Balls

Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Generally speaking, conventional dryer sheets contain a plethora of chemicals that are hazardous to your health.  Consider the tabloe below:


Health Hazard


Linked to respiratory problems, including fata edema and central nervous system damage

Benzyl acetate

Linked to pancreatic cancer

Benzyl alcohol

Upper respiratory tract irritant


Linked to central nervous system disorders


A neurotoxin, anesthetic and carcinogenic


Listed on EPA Hazardous Waste List; linked to central nervous system disorders


A narcotic that causes central nervous system disorders


Known to be harmful if inhaled

When the preponderance of the health hazard affects the nervous system, why continue buying products that contain such scary chemicals?  Consider making your own.  Gather your energy and motivation to promote health.  No one is pointing a gun to your head to buy products that hurt you and make the manufacturer smile all the way to the bank!

Sock Prayer Flags.
(Photo credit: knitting iris)


If it is softness that you want, consider using vinegar in your wash cycle.  If it is scent, make your own dryer ball as follows:

  1. Take two old socks (cotton is preferable) without any large holes.
  2. Select your favorite essential oil (lavendar, lemon, etc.).
  3. Roll up one sock upon as you would roll up a jelly roll.  Turn the cuff over so that it holds the rolled sock in place.
  4. Dab the essential oil generously onto the rolled-up sock; soak it with about 15-20 drops.
  5. Place the soaked, rolled-up sock into the second sock.
  6. Twist the open, second sock once; then turn it inside out.  Continue twisting and turning inside out until the whole sock becomes a ball.
  7. It is now ready for your next batch of clothes to dry in the dryer.
  8. To fluff your clothes, you may want to use two dryer balls.

Not only will they smell like your favorite essential oil, the laundry will come out soft, static-free, and toxin free!


To make your own wool dryer balls, visit– 

Or you can buy the commercial version at– also carries them.  Shop around.

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