Pesticide Poisoning, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Lupus, Lyme, Neurological, Mold (Mycotoxin), MS, Metabolic Syndrome & All Manner of Environmental & Legal (System) Assaults Upon Human Health.
English: Skull and crossbones
English: Skull and crossbones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Murray Thompson of Australia speaks out loud with his provocative essays:  http://poisonedpeople1.wordpress.com/

…My injured health status (pesticide poisoning) was not immediately and intelligently factored into the genesis and functionality of the legal inquiry process in my case when it started.  Nor does the legal system appear to be capable of therapeutically doing so.  As a result, the original problem of the Defendant’s indifference, negligence and failure of Duty of Care (not acting appropriately on the basis of repeated health alerts), the subsequent negligent deployment of pesticide on two occasions, my mounting shock as a result of these ‘invasions’, and the consequent generation of a raft of compounding physical and psychological injuries all became synergized and absorbed by a further insult, this being MY DEATHLY ENSHROUDING AS A POISONING AND BRAIN DAMAGED VICTIM INSIDE A PROCESS THAT NOW FAILS TO RECOGNISE AND COMPENSATE FOR ANAGGRAVATED AND LAYERED HEALTH EVENT: LEGAL STRESS AMPLIFYING POISONING SYMPTOMS AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SHOCK LAYERED OVER THE STRESS OF POISONING AND SHOCK AMPLIFYING POISONING SYMPTOMS.  When bureaucracy attacks!  Error overlays error, insult binds to insult, incomprehension follows incomprehension, and scrambled complexity builds on scrambled complexity.  A dynamically flawed legal system takes an injury, and then magnifies it further via stupidly mandated argument and ‘protection’ inside an exhausting and insanely expensive fee-harvesting process x 2. …”

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