Have you noticed how difficult it has become to navigate the swine-flu-preventionmarketplace and workplace where fragrance is not floating thoughout the air, touching everything with its “insults to fresh air?”

This is what a blogger had to say about this relatively new phenomenon:

“Companies across the globe are including fragrances in their heating and ventilation systems. It’s part of what emotional branding a multi-sensory experience. Retail stores may use scent in combination with audio and visual systems to enhance brand awareness. Smell associations say these tactical techniques are so strong that they can even increase worker productivity. Whatever the reason, these scent systems can make it difficult for employees working in the affected areas who have fragrance sensitivities.”  

The purpose of emotional branding is to create a bond between the consumer and the product by provoking the consumer’s emotion. The eight needs they create are–

  • Emotional security
  • Reassurance of worth
  • Ego-gratification
  • Creative outlets
  • Love objects
  • Sense of power
  • Sense of roots
  • Immorality

There is a ninth, really:  Laziness.  Maybe there is a tenth:  Ignorance.

Take a look of such commercials….

oxygen maskSo…., what is one to do to protect from these assaults on your personal right to breath fresh air?  Sadly, stay away from the offending spaces, receive oxygen therapy, wear an appropriate mask/nasal filter.

Provided herein are some videos and links.  Keep in mind that there are very few masks (aka respirators) that keep oil-based fumes from being breathed in.  They dutifully note that they are non-oil based particles  masks.  They are not what you want or need.

Here is an article on the health effects of oil-based paint….simply think oil-based anything (fragrances with such compounds)!



OXYGEN THERAPY requires a prescription in the United States.  Medicare only covers cost on certain illnesses, and “environmental illness due to chemicals” is not one of them.  It also does not cover the cost of portable oxygen devices.

Check out what Medicare has to say:


7 thoughts on “MASKS & THINGS”

      1. I live in Traverse City Michigan. A lot of lawn and orchard pesticides sprayed here. I have been exposed a few times. Not doing well. What mask is the best one for pesticide exposure ? I bought a NIOSH 3M respirator a few years back which smelt like chemicals. Couldn’t use it. I use a organic cotton with coconut charcoal from Sandy DeBraber and a organic cotton bamboo one from honeycomb and a carbon one from honeycomb, also. They work in my car ,but not all. Help some in the house too. They don’t help to much for the perfumes and laundry detergent and dryer sheet smells, paint thinner smells etc. So if anyone has advice on the best masks for pesticide exposure that would be Great !!

    1. It’s okay. There are very few masks that keep out “oil-based” fragrances. Usually such masks are industrial looking. Generally, the manufacturer will point out that it will keep out “paint fumes” and are labeled respirators.

  1. Are there any safe masks to wear for mcs people to protect from pesticides and other VOC;s , without chemicals in the materials of the masks. Also searching for a non-toxic tent I can use indoors or outdoors . I am at my worst right now and living in the most unhealthy environment. Not much protection here. We are trying to find a house to rent, there is not much available right now.

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