“The Chemical Edge” The Song of the Canary




MCS-101: An In-depth Introduction in 7 Parts

The expression “canary in a coal mine” dates back at least a century, to the use of canaries in British coal mines to detect harmful gases and give miners a chance to escape. The canaries signaled danger through obvious signs of physical distress, or by dying, their songs stilled forever.

The miners knew how important canaries were to their survival. They knew that when a canary suffered they all would pay a price, so they listened to their canaries and heeded their warnings. Modern society has barely begun to listen to its MCS-canaries. Those of us who suffer from MCS need to tell our stories before our voices go quiet forever. Those people who know and care about us, and those who don’t know us but care about the future of the human race, have the critical task of helping our voices be heard and heeded. We owe it to generations yet unborn.

What follows in this section is intended to be an introduction to the subject of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, or Environmental Illness, or… well, start with MCS 101.1, The Name Game and take it from there.


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From a Yellow Canary of the 21st century, living in our disabling biosphere

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